A website devoted to providing an accurate model of the development of the Doberman Pinscher in America and the people who made it possible.

The AMERICAN DOBERMAN PINSCHER EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, established in 1994, was the brainchild of Frank Grover and Peggy Adamson. They along with Ann Lanier, the publisher of the DOBERMAN QUARTERLY, began the process of collecting and preserving important documents concerning the Doberman. Perhaps the best description of the need for such a Foundation came from Mrs. Adamson herself. On a typed note discovered among her many writings were these words ………..…

My mind is like sparks shooting out in all directions — there is so much I want to do — but; dear God, that is what I have been thinking for thirty years! My biggest fear is that something will happen to me and all that I know and all the information that I have accumulated will be lost before I get time to put it on paper!

Mrs. Adamson passed away in 1996 and Mr. Grover continued the Foundation’s work until his death in 2007. Both of their extensive collections have been preserved and are a focal point of the A.D.P.E.F. website. Ann Lanier’s recent passing left much unfinished work. Breeders, judges, historians and journalists are committed to the Foundation’s original purpose… preserving and making accessible all its archives for educational purposes.

The A.D.P.E.F. at this time houses over 37,000 material archives and 40 hours of educational film. These archives include entire collections of major contributors to the breed. To ensure the safety of all archives, each has been meticulously photographed, cataloged and permanently installed onto two separate hard drives. The first of which is currently being used to create a website. The second hard drive, for security, is kept locked in a safety deposit box.

The A.D.P.E.F. is an independent, charitable 501c3 organization solely funded by your tax deductible donations. Its goal, as always, is to preserve, protect and promote the DOBERMAN PINSCHER IN AMERICA with its traditional conformation intact. The Foundation is dedicated to educating, inspiring and creating new interest in the Breed through public access to its extensive collections.