Circa 1901 Standard


Verbandes der Dobermannpinscher Clubs

Source: 1912 book Der Dobermannpinscher by Silvester Frey, published in Berlin. Frey published two points of view, or standards, side-by-side in his book: the first by Otto Goeller, published her as “B” and that of the union of German clubs, Verbandes der Dobermannpinscher Clubs. Several clubs were formed and had differing views on the breed. The similar wording suggest this grew out of Goeller’s original.

General Appearance:

The Doberman Pinscher is well built and muscular, however neither plump or massive, or have the appearance of a greyhound. His appearance must denote strength, quickness and endurance. His temperament is lively and ardent. His eyes show intelligence and resolution.

Head: Not too long and not too small in the forehead. A dog of 58 centimeters (22.83 inches) shoulder length should have a circumference of 40 cms (15.74 inches) around the forehead and a length of 24-26 cms (9.44 to 10.23 inches) measured from the occiput to the tip of nose. Teeth must be very powerful, well developed and tightly closed. Lips lying closely not drooping.

Eyes: Dark brown, of medium size with intelligent and good natured expression. With brown and blue dogs lighter colored eyes should not be considered a fault.

Ears: Well cropped, not too short, not too pointed.

1891 “C”

Neck: Powerful and straight; not too long.

Body: Back straight, not too long, firm, should not be weak. Loins well developed. Loins well developed and filled out. Chest well rounded, not flat sided. It should reach to the elbow. The length and height of the dog should appear square.

Tail: Cropped not longer than 12 cm (4.72 inches). Bobtails are preferred.

Forelegs: Elbows possibly are right angle with shoulder blade. Should not turn to inside or outside and should be straight to foot joint.

Feet: Round, turned neither outside or inside. Toes should be arched and closed. Nails strong and well arched.

Hindlegs: Muscular, not bowed to inside or outside.

Feet: Round, turned neither outside or inside. Toes should be arched and closed. Nails strong and well arched.

Shoulder Height: Dogs 55-62 cms (21.65 to 24.40 inches). Bitches: 48-57 cms (18.89 to 22.44 inches) with a measuring stick.

Coat: Short, hard and close lying. Grey undercoat permissible, but other than at the neck, it should not be visible.  

Color: Deep, glossy black, or brown or blue with rust-brown markings.

Small white chest mark permissible.

Characteristics: Ideal police dog. Watchful, loyal, devoted, intelligent; working equally well on water and on land; superior destroyer of animals of prey. good companion on the hunt. Good protector of his master, gets along with other dogs, however, when attacked, shows no fear.

Faults: Distinct forehead, Muzzle pointed. Bowlegged or cowhocked. Straw yellow markings. White feet and anything which deviates from the standard of the breed.