1899 Standard


The German National Doberman Pinscher Club, the first breed club, was formed August 7, 1899 and its president, Otto Goeller, a chief architect of the breed, to have written this which almost certainly the first standard.

From 1899 “A”

General Appearance:

A well built and muscular dog, not plump and massive and not like a greyhound. His appearance must denotes quickness, strength and endurance. Temperament lively and ardent.  He is courageous and will not run away from anything.Devoted to master and in defending him shows the courage of a lion. He gets along with other dogs; not vicious or disloyal; faithful and watchful and a superior destroyer of animals of prey.

1899 “A”


Head: Top of head must be flat or may be slightly arched, but the forehead must be broad; stretched long, the head must go over into a not too pointy muzzle. Cheeks must be flat but very muscular. Dog of about 58 centimeters (22.83 inches) height at the shoulder should measure 41 cm (16.14 inches) around the forehead. The length of the head, from the occiput to the tip of the nose should be 25-26 cm (9.84 to 10.23 inches).

Teeth: Jaws of equal length. Teeth must be very powerful, well developed and tightly closed. Overbite is disapproved.

Lips: Lying close, not drooping.

Ears: Well cropped, not too short and not too pointed.

Eyes: Dark brown, medium size with intelligent good natured but energetic expression.

Neck: Powerful and straight.

Chest: Well rounded, not flat sided, reaching to the elbow.

Back: Straight and not too long, length from occiput to start of tail about 75 cm (29.52 inches) so that the entire length, without tail, should measure about 100cm (39.37 inches).

Loins: Loins well developed and well filled out.

Tail: Docked not longer than 15 cm (5.9 inches) Bobtails much appreciated.


Hindquarters: Powerful and muscular.

Legs: Straight. Elbows stand perpendicular under the rump and should turn out. (note the terminology in those days).

Feet: Toes well arched and closed.


Coat: Hard, short and close lying. 

Color: Primary color deep black with rust brown markings. Small white patch on the chest is permissible. Grey undercoat permissible on neck, behind ears and on top of the head.

Shoulder Height: Dogs 55cm to 62 cm (21.65 to 24.4 inches). Bitches from 48 to 55 cm (18.89 to 21.65 inches)

Weight: About 20 kilos (44.09 pounds)